seven days a week 5- 7 PM



Sparkling Susanna   7
Blend of bubbles, passionfruit and elderflower liqueur

The Foo Fighter   7
Coconut infused sake, house made kaffir lime rum , lime juice

Good-Natured Gabe   7
Rittenhouse rye, raw honey, fresh lemon juice

The Flag of China   7
Glass of Red or White - bartender’s choice

Tsingtao   5
China’s Own King of Beers

The Sparkling Peach Jelly Sake Shot   5
Looks like a liquid. Tastes like a solid

The All That Jasmine   7
JasmineTea Infused Gin, Q Tonic and Aperol


Crispy Shrimp Spring Roll (1)   3

Spicy English Cucumber   5
Spicy Taiwanese favorite Susanna relished as a child

Popcorn Pork Ravioli   5
Suga specialty - mini pork dumplings pan fried to golden perfection

Scallion Pancake   5
Northern Chinese savory stuffed with scallion and egg

Curried Chicken Dumpling   5
SUGA adaptation of a Cantonese classic

Tongpo Pork Bao   6
Duo of delicately steamed buns filled with tender pork belly

Sichuan Beef Taco   5
Spicy beef, kimchi and coriander

Vegetarian Taiwanese Dan Dan Mein   6
Radish, cucumber, daikon atop spicy sesame and chili oil noodles

Edamame Hummus   5
Wonton Chips, Chili Oil